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Welcome to The Circumference Travel Rebate!

Get paid to travel the world and experience life changing adventures. Earn your travel rebate by being one of our travel writers. Showcase the best life has to offer and get published.

What if someone said you could travel the world, immerse yourelf in life changing experiences and get paid for it?

Travel, Experience, Share, Get Paid, Repeat.

Get started by creating an account and selecting an assignment from our Writer's Board below.

The Circumference is an online travel magazine which focuses on experiential travel. Prospective writers should possess a high level of written fluency in the English language, as well as personal knowledge of a unique travel experience.

Read our step by step guide to getting published on The Circumference.

To contribute, please continue with the following:

  1. Create an account. Please sign-in using Facebook if possible as it promotes the spread of our content as you interact with the site. It is an advantage to become involved in The Circumference community through becoming a fan on Facebook or by following us on Twitter.
  2. Complete your writer profile. Now that you are logged in, click on the “My” button and it will take you to your personal page which contains your profile, contributed articles and your writers agreement. To complete your profile, please write a brief blurb about yourself by clicking into the yellow box beneath your name. This can include information about your travels, your writing experience or things of interest to you. Please also upload a photo of yourself. This is published alongside your articles, so please choose something appropriate. Lastly, read and agree to the terms of the writer's agreement. We cannot publish any submissions until these sections are all completed.
  3. House Style and How To. We expect all writers to conform to the outlined House Style and How To instructions. Please review these sections carefully.
  4. Select a story from the Writer's Board. Review the Writer's Board below to see the topics we would like to be written immediately and how much of a travel rebate is rewarded for completing each. To select an article to complete, click "claim" and the article will be attached to your account. Simply click the "My" button at the top of the page to visit your page, scroll down to your newly selected experience and click the "Edit" button to start writing.
  5. Suggest an Experience. If you would like to cover an experience that is not listed on the Writer's Board, please first ensure it has not already been covered on The Circumference by first doing a keyword search on the proposed topic. If nothing currently exists, send your idea to an Editor by emailing You should submit a headline along with a 1-2 sentence abstract of the story. Once approved by an Editor, click here to add it. Articles not listed on the Writer's Board will not qualify for compensation unless pre-approved by an Editor. To view and edit articles attached to your account, simply go to your "My" page.
  6. Submission. Once you have completed the experience and it is ready for editor review, simply click the “submit for review” link at the bottom of the article page, followed by the “update” button. An editor will be in contact with you to let you know if it is accepted for publishing, or if it requires revisions. We only accept original work, so please do not submit something that has been published elsewhere or plagiarize from other travel articles on the Internet or in printed media.
  7. Payment. We will reimburse you upon publishing your article using PayPal directly into your bank account. When signing up, please provide us with the email address that is attached to your PayPal account.

Writer's Board

Please sign in in order to view the Writer's Board. Once you are signed in, the board will appear here containing a listing of all the articles available and how much of a travel rebate each will pay you.